Toni Kalin  worked for a long time for international Model Agencies and renowned record companies. A few years ago, Belgium's best hair stylist returned to his roots and opened his first salon in the heart of Antwerp. It was an instant success, and soon more “Toni Kalin Salons” followed. These salons promise an exceptionally high quality at affordable price, and thus bring about a change throughout the hairdressing world. More over, Toni Kalin hold since long the position of Artistic Director of TIGI, the most creative hairdressing brand in the world. As a result, his photographs and collections are being praised and admired worldwide. The success of “Toni Kalin Salons”, is, besides the passion and expertise, mainly due to the constant search for groundbreaking creative challenges. Hence our motto :  WE DON’T IMITATE, WE INNOVATE! The indicated awards were also won through the hard work of our international artistic team,including Jimmy Bollaerts fashion photographer, make-up artists, stylist Stephanie Kalin. 107 awards nominations worldwide, First Hairbook of Toni Kalin in Belgium DEC.2009 , second will be launched 2015 Toni Kalin artistic team 42 winning awards! And first Hall of Fame Award winner in Belgium